20 Apr

Melbourne love

Ooh, I had SUCH a good time last week! We moved the tour down to Melbourne, staying with Dave’s sister and her two daughters, Bianca’s favourite people in the world EVER, which meant I barely saw B at all for the whole week.

B and Weewee (not her real name, surprisingly) went to childcare together, are four months apart in age, and have always had a special bond. It was so cute watching them run around together holding hands and sleeping in the same bed. It was also nice because I was not needed at all, so was able to go out and have some fun guilt-free. Seriously, when we were on the way to the airport on Sunday Bianca said, “Mum you’ve got black on your nails,” and I said, “yes, I had that done on MONDAY.” Shows how much notice she took of me in that time.

I was a little more organised this time so we managed to see way more people than normal, and I feel so much more nourished and loved for it. On the first Sunday Dave went with some friends into the city to shoot virtual reality zombies at Zero Latency, which he said was FRICKING AMAZING. Afterwards the pizza evening we were supposed to have with one family of friends turned into a massive impromptu party with all the families, and it was just brilliant. I also had dinners out with other friends (who dropped the bombshell that they’re moving to Canberra in a week so great timing!), a day of fun with my bestie Bec, another day catching up with mulitudes from work, more friends, more fun, and we even went to see Madness in concert. Dave’s favourite band ever just happened to be in town when we were, and verily it was great.

(this isn’t the best picture of the band, but look at all the other screens in the audience. Some people basically recorded the whole show.)

Dave actually had the week off which was nice, but he was also stressed because all the women in his family seem to have come to the end of their warranty periods. Both sisters had some health scares that had them going in for procedures on the Tuesday and Wednesday, and on the Thursday his mum had a scheduled surgery which went well but she wasn’t released from hospital until Easter Sunday. Everyone is fine and everything went well but it was a bit stressful during the week for him.

But at least he got to be there for it, I think he feels better for that. And we both got to spend lots of time with family and friends that we love. My heart is full. My clothes also are full, because we ate and drank a LOT. And now we are back home, in the warmth, in our condo which feels like a resort, and I’m feeling pretty good.

I wish there was a magic door between Singapore and Melbourne. That would solve a whole lot of problems.

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