29 Jul

Nicolamas Eve

It is the evening before my birthday and I have been banished to the bedroom while Dave and B do…something… downstairs. It is very cute; B is terrible at secrets and has been bursting to tell me stuff for the past month, but I don’t really want to know. All this whispering and Daddy/Bianca outings make me feel very cherished and loved. It’s almost worth turning thirty-fifteen for.

A while ago my wonderful babysitter asked me what I did all day and I couldn’t answer her. I’m having the same problem now explaining my recent absence. I mean, I’m busy (sort of). I’m quite involved with the school and this week have been doing things there and trying to socialise and put myself out there. This is the key to getting myself out of the slump I am in, I have decided, and it has worked. So much for being an introvert, it turns out I am a people who needs people after all.

Oh! We had school holidays! Just four weeks but that was long enough. I remember last year starting them off with grand plans for daily outings and Enriching Activities, and by the last week I was putting the TV on in the morning and we watched Nickelodeon all day. I reiterate my amazement for North Americans who need to get through ten weeks in a row.

This year we paced it nicely with lots of play dates in the first week and then two weeks in Australia . The first week we were in Melbourne and my old home town visiting family and boy howdy was it cold! Then a few days in Sydney — slightly warmer, lots of mummy/daughter time while Dave worked — and finished it off at the Gold Coast where it was 24 degrees celsius and sunshine spilling everywhere. It was so beautiful, now I need to go back in the summer because right now I cannot work out why anyone would NOT want to live there?

Hmm, my glass of wine is empty. I wonder if I’m allowed to go refill it?

So — the holiday was good but busy and by the end of it I was ready for it to be over, and I found myself SO HAPPY to be back in Singapore. You know I’ve been in a slump and trying to work out why when I’m in such a beautiful place? Well I am not in a slump anymore. It seems to be well and truly gone and I feel great. I am loving Singapore and life and generally feeling happy and optimistic. I’m not quite sure what worked though. Maybe it is all the socialising, maybe I just needed a(nother) break to reset. Or maybe, it froze off in the cold like a wart.

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