03 Jun

blowing away the cobwebs

I did indeed open all the windows and doors in my house after the last entry. I very rarely do that because it’s so damn hot here. We’re on the fourth and fifth floors, not high enough to get cooling breezes all the time, so mostly opening the windows just makes it hot and sticky. (I have a friend who lives just down the road on the 29th floor and she has her windows open all the time. Her monthly electricity bill is only about $30 because she doesn’t need to run her air conditioners. I am quite envious of that.)

So I went round and opened all the doors and windows and the air blew in all fresh, and all the mirrors and glass upstairs fogged up, because I’d previously had the airconditioning on so they were cold, and the air was so humid. It was pretty funny actually. And it was lovely, and I really did feel like all the stale energy had blown out, but after a while I had a shower and couldn’t dry myself because of the humidity, so I closed them again. But it was lovely for a while and I’ve done it a couple more times since then.


I did something else to clear my head; I went for a session of Pranic Healing. One of the mums at school volunteers as a healer and invited me along for a session on the weekend. Prana is the indian word for energy and life force. In Chinese it’s qi or chi and it’s the stuff feng shui works on. If you’ve ever had a session of acupuncture and felt better afterwards, you’ve experienced energy healing. This seems easier to accept and understand than say, talking about auras.

In Pranic Healing the focus is on the 7 chakras, points in the body where energy is said to flow through (which is a bit different from acupuncture which says there are hundreds of such points in your body). Anyway, the theory is that blockages in energy flow effect the physical body, so healers undertake to clear them, without physically touching. This is the bit which is a little hard to accept, but I wanted to try it anyway.

The session was a demonstration of healing on a volunteer, then a group guided meditation for stress reduction. Everyone had their own volunteer performing an individual healing. My lady was lovely and we talked my health issues and how healling had helped her. I’ve got to be honest here, she was so enthusiastic about the lifechanging benefits that I got a bit uncomfortable, that maybe this was some sort of a cult! But, I did feel better after the session. My sinus blah that was still hanging around didn’t feel as bad and I felt calmer and lighter. I believe in the benefits of meditation and this was a really good deep guided one, so it could have been just from that. Whatever it was, it was definitely beneficial.

(They tried to get us to sign up for a bunch of courses on Pranic Healing, but I am not ready to commit to that. I would rather have a few more sessions first. After all, I didn’t leap into learning acupuncture after my first experience with that.)

I was feeling very clear and calm afterwards, and I realised that a large part of my current malaise is rooted in boredom. I am bored! Of course I am bored, my days have no real purpose. It’s a little confronting to realise that I’ve taken my wonderful opportunity to do whatever I want with my days, and essentially have frittered it away on nothing much. But if I’m honest, that does sound like something I’d do… There’s no point beating myself up about it, I just have to shake myself out of it and make some of the moments count. I can do that, and I’m already feeling more optimistic. Yay for getting rid of the cobwebs! Now I’d better go open the windows up again!

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