20 May

It’s hot again

I’m back from Sweden! It was a wonderful holiday, Stockholm is beautiful, and Eurovision was awesome fun (even if I don’t think the best song won). I have more entries planned, they are half scribbled in notebooks but I was too busy and/or relaxed to finish them at the time. They will be coming soon, promise.

As usual by the end of it I was feeling energised and happy. You need a week or so away every now and then to shake you out of bad habits and let you start afresh. I was in a slump before, and a rut, and a slumpy rut, so it’s nice to be feeling all renewed and determined not to let that happen again. Unfortunately, I am also feeling blatted by jet lag — why is it always so much harder going east than west? — and I think I’m getting a cold so it’s hard to remain optimistic.

But, I shall!

I’ve been thinking a lot about the differences between Sweden, and Europe in general, and Singapore. I have a friend who moved to Singapore from Sweden about 8 months ago and she’s not adjusted to it at all, so they’re going home to Australia at the end of the month. Why was Sweden easier than Singapore? I can see some reasons, and it’s not just the heat, although, that does play a massive part. Trying to work that out can only help me and other new expats too.

So, thinking. And snuffling, And flopping around. Back to normal then. In the meantime, check out this song from the Eurovision final: it’s the hosts explaining what makes a winning Eurovision song.

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