06 Jan

Organising challenge!

So on Monday Laura of I’m an Organising Junkie made a brilliant suggestion – 52 weeks of organising*. She’s challenging us to commit to doing one organising thing per week for the whole  year. Just one, and then we can post about how we did. Do you know how excited I am about this? I’m sick of feeling so disorganised but I never know where to start, and somehow in between all the regular chores I never feel like I’m getting enough done. One thing a week, though, that could be fun!
I’ve already printed out her 52 Weeks of Organising sheet and started filling it in. I wasn’t sure if I was meant to do that ahead of time but I figured I might as well while I was excited about it. Surprisingly I’ve found it really hard to come up with 52 things, and am currently scratching around the 35-things point with things like “Get life and income insurance” and “Do wills”.  I guess I’m not as disorganised as I think I am!  Also there’s a nice mix of little things that won’t take much time but I’ve been procrastinating on (like hanging pictures in our and Bianca’s rooms), pure organising (declutter and org spare room) and stuff that’s more researchy or brainstorming (planning Bianca’s birthday party, getting those wills) so there’s something for every mood. Plus plenty of slots open in case something else comes up. Of course some stuff will take more than a week, like my dreaded Leaning Tower of Filing, but hey, they can appear multiple times and strange as it seems I sometimes feel like doing some filing but don’t let myself because there’s more important stuff to do. But now I’ll have permission!
Oh dear, I fear I’m revealing far too much of my inner nerdiness here. But I don’t care, I bet no one’s reading this anymore anyway :-)
* sorry, I’m Australian. We don’t use z’s in words like organise or summarise, but we put extra u’s in words like colour to make up for it.

2 thoughts on “Organising challenge!

  1. I read it and liked it! Like many others, I am always looking for inspiration to organize and declutter. At your suggestion, I printed out the Organizing (z=American *smile)sheet and am ready to get started. Thanks and good luck to you!

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